Domain Specifications

In the course of the development, the definition of Domain Specifications is necessary, these define the structure of an annotation.

You will find all Domain Specifications under:


WIQA (Web Information Quality Assessment Framework )

uses filtering policies to evaluate information quality

SWIQA (Semantic Web Information Quality Assessment Framework) [Fürber & Hepp, 2011]

defines data quality rules and quality scores for identifying wrong data

LINK-QA [Guéret et al., 2012]

is a framework for assessing the quality of data using network metrics. For example, one way to confirm a correct sameAs relation is to find closed chains of sameAs relations between the linking resource and the resource linked.

Sieve [Mendes et al., 2012]

is a framework for flexibly expressing quality assessment methods as well as fusion methods

Validata [Hansen et al., 2015]

is an online tool for testing/validating RDF data conformance against preset schemas written in the ShEx (Shape Expressions) language

Luzzu (A Quality Assessment Framework for Linked Open Datasets) [Debattista et al., 2016]

implements around thirty data quality metrics based on the Dataset Quality Ontology (daQ )


Here you will find project specific Open Source code.

RocketRML RocketRML is a NodeJS implementation with focus on performace.